Hillary’s server in WikiLeaks perspective

There are many interesting, if unsettling, similarities and differences between Hillary Clinton’s intentional use of a private, unauthorized email server to store her email communications while secretary of state and Julian Assange’s aggressive solicitation, storage, and distribution of classified information through his WikiLeaks website.

Hillary Clinton established a private email server that could easily be hacked by internet hackers worldwide, and one has admitted to hacking her server.  Assange obtained his information from computer specialists in the armed forces and other government sources over the internet.  Hillary put her own emails, and responses to her emails, on her private server. She didn't need to rely on sources.

Assange agreed to the redaction of names.  Hillary didn't need to be asked to redact names, since she redacted them herself.

Assange has publicly admitted to setting up an international server network to distribute classified information.  Hillary Clinton went for years refusing to acknowledge the existence of a private server.  Eventually, she gave the excuse that it was a mistake.

Assange never hid the fact that he distributed classified information,  Hillary Clinton continues to deny that anything was classified, giving the excuse that nothing was marked classified.  Assange never made the excuse that emails were not marked.

Assange is criticized for the fact that his release of classified information may lead to the death of intelligence operatives around the world.  Hillary’s information may have led to the outing of American CIA and State operatives around the world, but no one has seen this as a serious issue.

Assange has not considered running for any political office.  Hillary Clinton is actively running to be president.

Assange openly boasts of his distribution of illegally obtained classified information.  Hillary Clinton denied it for over two years and still refuses to cooperate and delays the release of information.

Hillary Clinton violated State Department protocols and procedures for handling classified communications.  Assange’s actions were never under the purview of government protocols.

Hillary Clinton made classified information available to anyone with a relatively low-level knowledge of hacking.  Assange also made classified information available and enabled open access on his website WikiLeaks.

Assange, through his WikiLeaks website, did a great disservice to the American people as well as persons in other nations.  Hillary Clinton also did a great disservice to the American people as well as persons throughout the world.

Julian Assange never took an oath to protect the confidentiality of the classified information he published on WikiLeaks.  Hillary Clinton took an oath to protect the confidentiality of information she placed on her private, easily hacked server.

Julian Assange has been threatened with prosecution for violating the U.S. Espionage Act.  Hillary Clinton has not been officially threatened with prosecution.

Assange has been called a hero for revealing documents the government wants to keep secret.  Hillary Clinton has not been called a hero for failing to secure classified documents under her care.

Assange admits to distributing classified information.  Hillary Clinton does not readily admit to allowing classified information to be distributed by hackers.

Assange obtains information from hundreds of government employees around the world.  Hillary's emails were created by herself, other State employees, and her staff.

Hillary Clinton violated U.S. federal laws by establishing a private server.  Assange did not violate any laws by establishing his network of servers; only the information he placed on them was a violation of law.  For Hillary, both the use of a private server and the placement of State Department emails on it were violations of federal law.

Assange was not a government employee when he established WikiLeaks and his server network.  Hillary was a high-level government employee when she established her illegal email server.

Assange’s servers were not illegal.  Hillary's server violates federal law through its very existence.

Assange merely passed along information emailed to him by others.  Hillary created classified communications and hid them, in an insecure manner, on her private server.

Assange never knowingly destroyed the information placed on his servers; he wanted all the information made available to the world.  Hillary Clinton deleted over 30,000 emails, which is itself another federal crime.

Assange and Hillary both made it possible for persons to use the internet to obtain classified information.

President Obama has stated that Hillary did nothing wrong.  No president has ever said Assange did nothing wrong.

Assange exposed government impropriety,  Hillary covered up her own impropriety.

Assange never profited personally from his activities.  Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton both were paid millions through deals that may have been made through her server emails.

A military intelligence specialist, Bradley Manning, was kept in prison for three years without a trial for sending classified information to Assange over the internet.  No one has admitted any wrongdoing in the setting up and use of Hillary’s private server.  Hillary's I.T. specialist cited Fifth Amendment immunity 125 times at one deposition and hasn't spent one minute in prison. 

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