Gallup: Only 52% 'extremely proud' to be an American

The annual Gallup survey that measures the level of patriotism is out, and it shows the lowest percentage of Americans who are "extremely proud" to be American in the 16 years the poll has been conducted.

Only 52% of us say we're "extremely proud."  But when you add in "moderately proud," it adds up to a sizable majority.

Washington Times:

“The vast majority of U.S. adults indicate they are at least moderately proud to be Americans, but as they celebrate the Fourth of July this year, fewer say they are extremely proud than at any point in the last 16 years,” said the poll’s analysis.

“Americans’ continued frustration with national conditions — likely tied to their concern about the economy and lack of faith in public institutions — is probably one reason patriotism is at a recent low point,” said the poll released Friday.

American patriotism has been on the decline since shortly after 9/11, peaking at 70 percent in 2003.

“Americans’ patriotism stayed relatively flat from 2006 through 2013, a period that spanned the Great Recession and Barack Obama’s election and first term as president,” said the analysis. “But over the last three years, Americans’ willingness to say they are extremely proud to be an American has declined further.”

The patriotism percentage correlates roughly with satisfaction levels. In January 2004, 55 percent of those surveyed were satisfied with “the way things were going in the U.S.,” and 69 percent were “extremely proud” to be an American.

“That was the last time satisfaction has been at the majority level,” said the analysis.

The least patriotic are liberals and young adults. Only 34 percent of young adults and 36 percent of liberals said they were “extremely proud” to be Americans in the survey.

The most patriotic were Republicans, with 68 percent saying they were extremely proud to be Americans, and conservatives, at 61 percent.

Patriotism levels among Democrats and independents were roughly equal. The survey found 45 percent of Democrats were extremely proud to be Americans, along with 44 percent of independents.

“As a result of Republicans’ still-elevated percentage, the 23-percentage point Republican-Democratic gap in patriotism is now roughly double what it was in January 2001,” said the Gallup analysis.

The most patriotic of the age groups were those ages 50 to 64, about two-thirds of whom called themselves extremely proud to be Americans.

Although every age group saw declines from 2003, the group witnessing the largest slide was the 18- to 29-year-old cohort, an indication that patriotism levels may continue to decline as the millennial generation grows older.

Gallup may be right about the correlation between how satisfied we are with the way things are going and patriotism, but ir dances around another reason why we are less patriotic today.

The key is in those 50-64 having the highest percentage of "extremely proud" patriots and those 18-29 having the lowest.  Those of us who grew up when schools were places of learning and not a place to indoctrinate students into leftist catechism are far more patriotic than young people.  And the younger you are, the more likely you are to be indifferent to America. 

In this, the leftist educational establishment has seen its plan come to fruition.  With the takeover of education at all levels by the left, students have it drummed into their heads how evil the U.S. is, how oppressive we are, and that we are not a force for good in the world.  The effect is as plain as day in the Gallup numbers.

About all parents can do is try to counter the leftist narrative about America by suggesting their children read classic histories that tell the whole story of the United States.  At least then, kids will have a fighting chance to learn the truth for themselves.

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