Hillary the honest change maker

According to Bill Clinton's speech praising his wife, Hillary, the paragon of truth, the Republican Convention speakers made up stuff about Hillary while the Democrat Convention speakers spoke the truth about her. Most of the Republican speakers focused on the report by the FBI's Director Comey.  Although Comey chickened out on recommending indictment, Comey gave us a long list of Hillary's lies.  Hillary lied about deleting emails, lied about sending and receiving classified emails, lied about turning all work-related emails over to the FBI, and generally lied about anything dealing with the emails. So according to Bubba Clinton, Comey must have lied, because the charges made by the Republicans were based upon Comey's findings. The mother of slain Sean Smith has consistently said Hillary told her she would get the filmmaker whose video supposedly caused the Benghazi attack.  So Mrs. Smith was lying and Hillary telling the truth? Hillary told...(Read Full Post)