#DNCLeaks is pulled by Twitter from trending topics

The conservative twitterverse erupted in outrage last night when Twitter summarily pulled #DNCLeaks from its trending topics. The story had 250,000 tweets when it was pulled. After thousands of complaints, Twitter returned the issue to its trending topics 20 minutes later. Washington Times: The story had 250,000 tweets at the time it was pulled. The Washington Examiner then aggregated a stream of angry feedback. “Don’t normally tweet political things, but why would @twitter pull the #DNCleaks from trending at #1. Sounds like censorship to me,” one user wrote. “Twitter is still trying to censor this trend! Now #DNCleak is trending instead of original #DNCLeaks! Keep talking guys, expose corruption,” added another. “.@Twitters @google actions tonight by trying to stop @wikileaks #DNCLeaks #DNCLeak is a prime reason We need MONEY out of POLITICS,” said a third person. Tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and...(Read Full Post)