And the Cubans keep leaving Cuba

So far, opening Cuba to Americans is not keeping Cubans in the island or changing much of anything.     On the contrary, it looks like more and more Cubans are heading out by whatever means they can find, from Ecuador to Nicaragua to Mexico or crossing the Straits of Florida.      We can call this movie: Obama in and Cubans out! According to Sarah Rumpf, this is an exodus with capital letters: August 14 will mark the one-year anniversary since Secretary of State John Kerry went to Havana, Cuba to preside over the official reopening of the American embassy, followed by a visit by President Barack Obama this past March. The Obama administration has proudly touted the thawing of diplomatic relations with Cuba, but it’s been a failure by a very visible metric: the number of Cubans fleeing the island nation to come to the United States. So far this fiscal year (since October 1, 2015), 44,353 Cubans came to the U.S., a figure that is...(Read Full Post)