The Immigration Compassion Trap

Compassion is an endearing human trait, but as with everything else, it can be too much of a good thing when carried to excess.  Take the case of Donald Trump's call to temporary ban muslim immigrants from countries with high radical islamic activity until we can, as he puts it, "figure out what's going on." Trump's proposal, which has been consistently supported by a majority of the American public, is met with a storm of criticism from the mainstream media and the political establishment. For making it, Trump is called a racist and every other pejorative in the book. The pathetic Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House, has even said he would sue if Trump tried to enact such a ban.   The essential underlying argument against Trump's proposal -- at least the argument that is made for public consumption -- is compassion. This has touched the nerve of many good-hearted people and has gotten them to fall...(Read Full Post)