Straight white males banned from university lecture union's 'equality conferences'

The University and College Union in England is banning straight white males from its equality conferences in order to create "safe spaces" for members. That the union is oblivious to its unequal policy for attending an equality conference is uproariously funny.  But it gets better. Daily Mail: The equality conference of the University and College Union said that members must declare their ‘protected characteristic’ – whether they are gay, disabled, female or from an ethnic minority – when applying to attend.= Activists say that it means representatives who do not qualify cannot participate in all of the discussions – even though they have been elected by their union branch. I've got a hangnail.  Is that a "protected characteristic"?  They would be barred from ‘break-out’ sessions that organisers claim are a ‘safe space’ for those with the ‘protected...(Read Full Post)