Obama’s Orlando funeral dilemma

What will President Obama do about the memorial service that is certain to follow the awful carnage in Orlando this morning? He has a clear pattern, but this incident does not fit in very well. In Charleston, SC, the decision was easy. The victims were black and the perpetrator was a white racist.  Two check marks, so a presidential visit was assured. In San Bernardino, the perpetrators were Islamic, and the victims were of multiple ethnicities, including protected classes. A mixed signal, but because the perps were of a group that must be shielded from any public perception of collective responsibility, a presidential visit was out of the question. But now in Orlando, we have a Muslim perp, but the victims are another highly favored group that collectively is a bedrock constituency of the Democrats: gays. What’s Obama to do?  If he snubs the memorial service, he risks offending gays. But if he goes, he risks highlighting Islamic hostility to gays, as...(Read Full Post)