Obama’s Orlando funeral dilemma

What will President Obama do about the memorial service that is certain to follow the awful carnage in Orlando this morning? He has a clear pattern, but this incident does not fit in very well.

In Charleston, SC, the decision was easy. The victims were black and the perpetrator was a white racist.  Two check marks, so a presidential visit was assured.

In San Bernardino, the perpetrators were Islamic, and the victims were of multiple ethnicities, including protected classes. A mixed signal, but because the perps were of a group that must be shielded from any public perception of collective responsibility, a presidential visit was out of the question.

But now in Orlando, we have a Muslim perp, but the victims are another highly favored group that collectively is a bedrock constituency of the Democrats: gays.

What’s Obama to do?

 If he snubs the memorial service, he risks offending gays. But if he goes, he risks highlighting Islamic hostility to gays, as well as the threat of global jihad.

If I had to bet, I’d say he plays golf.

Hat tip: Richard Baehr