No 'kissin' cousins' in a Mexican election Sunday

In my last post, I mentioned that hating Trump is the only thing that the left, center, and right in Mexico agree on. Mexico is facing a huge political crisis.  We read about the teachers union blocking streets and access to the airport.  The middle class feels a lot like those Tea Party marchers of 2009, or overwhelmed by a state that does not listen to it.  Many Mexicans are also worried that their country is changing, such as the legalization of abortion and talk of same-sex marriage. What happens when a country is polarized and divided over issues?  Then the screaming starts – even if the candidates are from the same family.  See this article from on the New York Times: Arguably, the most contentious race this year has been for governor in Veracruz, a state wracked by corruption and violence. The front-runners are two cousins who, despite their family ties, have lobbed accusations and insults at each other. Héctor...(Read Full Post)