Hacker leaks DNC oppo research on Trump to media

A hacker calling himself "Guccifer 2.0" released more than 200 pages of opposition research on Donald Trump compiled by the Democratic National Committee, after the information was stolen from DNC computers by Russians.  Guccifer is the handle used by a notorious hacker who first revealed the existence of Hillary Clinton's private email server.  He is currently cooperating with the FBI in their investigation of Mrs. Clinton. Donald Trump responded immediately, hinting that the Democrats had hacked their own server in order to get the dirt out to the public. Politico: “We believe it was the DNC that did the ‘hacking’ as a way to distract from the many issues facing their deeply flawed candidate and failed party leader,” Trump said in a statement released Wednesday. “Too bad the DNC doesn’t hack Crooked Hillary’s, 33,000 missing emails.” The Hill is reporting that the information on Trump is...(Read Full Post)