California showdown is Bernie's Alamo and Hillary's Waterloo

This being the 72nd anniversary of D-Day, I thought some military metaphors might best describe the California primary that will be held tomorrow. Simply put, the California primary is Bernie Sanders's last stand.  If he loses, there is no reason that will be accepted by Democrats for him to continue with his campaign.  The calls for him to withdraw will be universal. As for Hillary Clinton, she must win to convince skeptical Democrats that she has what it takes to win in November.  The impact of a Sanders victory would reverberate across the country and might even change the dynamic of the convention. Politico: By winning the most delegates on the final day of the primaries (not counting the June 14 District of Columbia primary), Sanders would feel emboldened to defy the calls from establishment Dems to drop out. He would be more inclined to follow through on his pledge to contest the nomination at the convention. He would likely fight harder and...(Read Full Post)