Brexit: Yet another example of biased polling

For the weak-minded among us who continue to believe in polling data, the Brexit vote shows – yet again – what a biased absurdity the polls have become. But delusions and obfuscation runs deep in the mainstream trenches. Nate Cohn at the New York Times writes that "[i]t was not a cataclysmic polling failure[.] ... [I]t's hard to argue that this was a big polling failure." Sure it wasn't.  Once you are done rolling around on the floor in laughter at claims that this wasn't a massive polling failure, read on. To review, the Brexit side won by 4%, 52% to 48%. Not a single one of the well known polling aggregators/predictors picked Brexit in their last-minute final projections. Elections Etc. had the Remain side up by 6.6%, 53.3% to 46.7%. Number Cruncher Politics had the Remain side up by 6%, 53% to 47%. What UK Thinks: EU had the Remain side up by 4%, 52% to 48%. The Financial Times had the Remain side up by 2%, 48% to...(Read Full Post)