Army generals for gun control

The gun control debate, relentlessly politicized by Democrats every time a jihadist or immigrant with foreign ties shoots up a gun-free zone here in the U.S., has taken what I regard as an ominous turn. High-ranking former military officers are now promoting gun control. In a New York Times editorial, retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal endorsed gun control after the Orlando jihadist shooting.  This follows an announcement a week ago that retired Gen. David Petraeus will be joining Mark Kelly, husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, to promote gun control. McChrystal, as you may recall, was the top-ranking officer in Afghanistan until he was relieved for mocking Vice President Biden.  Petraeus was the highly regarded architect of the “Iraq surge” and then director of the CIA until, like Bill Clinton, he sabotaged his own career due to his inability to keep his pants on.  McChrystal and Petraeus rose through the ranks during decades of...(Read Full Post)