Would Obama Trump The Donald by pardoning illegals?

With every passing day, Donald Trump's chances of winning the presidency increase. Hillary Clinton's campaign is floundering.  She has no message aside from "Elect me; I'm a woman."  She is hated by 30 to 40% of Democratic voters who prefer Bernie Sanders – or, for that matter, anybody but her.  Her e-mail problems are growing worse – from the inspector general's recent report to the ongoing FBI investigation.  And Trump has indicated that he is willing to use every single bit of dirt from her 30-year-long trail of sleaze against her in the general campaign. One of Trump's primary issues, and an issue that is the cause of much of his popularity, is his promise to end illegal immigration and deport some 12 to 20 million illegals already in the U.S.  It's an issue that resonates broadly with the white working class, whose standard of living has been steadily eroded by offshoring jobs to China and Mexico....(Read Full Post)