Who cares about national security? Learn Spanish!

We learned this week that potential Democrat V.P. nominees are taking Spanish lessons: The Castro brothers -- ­Julián and Joaquín (not Fidel and Raúl) -- are said to be studying Spanish very hard in the event that either one is picked as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. Julián, the US Housing and Urban Development Secretary and former mayor of San Antonio, Texas, is on the short list of vice presidential potentials, along with Elizabeth Warren. His twin Joaquín -- a congressman -- is lower down on the list. “Surprisingly, they don’t speak Spanish,” one insider told me. “They are cramming with Rosetta Stone.” (A spokesman for Julián denies he is studying Spanish.) The two Texans -- raised by their single mom, Chicana activist Rosie Castro -- both went to Stanford and Harvard Law, but were never fully bilingual, which has become an embarrassing...(Read Full Post)