White skin privileged liberals don't speak for proud redskins

The perpetually outraged, virtue-preening, white skin-privileged liberals don't have to ask the beneficiaries of their condescending concern their opinion – they'll give it to them!  Don't bother the know-it-alls with inconvenient facts that disturb their lofty attitude.   For instance,a recent Washington Post poll suggests that Native Americans (or Indians, as they are erroneously and interchangeably called in the article) are not offended by the word "redskins."  However, many liberals in Washington, D.C. still will not attend a football game involving the Washington Redskins or cheer them, but instead are continuing their pressure on the team's owner to change the name. Nine in 10 Native Americans say they are not offended by the Washington Redskins name, according to a new Washington Post poll that shows how few ordinary Indians have been persuaded by a national movement to change the football...(Read Full Post)