Trans insanity a powerful weapon

In an American Thinker article recounting the seriously negative effects the backlash boycott against Target's open bathroom policies is having, a commenter named Maggie said this: Let me get this right....a male CEO pretty much just told women it's not ok to use the restroom at Target with reasonable peace of mind because a minor handful of men need to feel special...another example of men telling women it's ok as long as it doesn't affect them. Identify with this, ovarian cancer, uterine cysts, PMS, rape...I'm sorry but, why not ask 157 Million "WOMEN" how they feel about it rather than make a decision for all of us just so a miniscule percentage of men can identify. Angry. Think about that: Target's $28-million-a-year CEO, Brian Cornell, has handed every Republican candidate in this country who is accused of being a part of the so-called War on Women by his Democrat opponent a double-barreled 12-gauge response to that phony charge....(Read Full Post)