The 75th anniversary of Liberation Day in Ethiopia

May 5 is the seventy-fifth anniversary of a signal day in modern African history.  On that day, British forces brought back into power Haile Selassie, the Emperor of Ethiopia, who had been driven out of his country by the forces of Fascist Italy almost exactly five years earlier.  The oldest independent nation in Africa, indeed, one of the oldest nations on earth, was restored.   The Fascists were bad.  The use of poison gas by air was particularly reprehensible, but the history surrounding the Second Italo-Ethiopian War defies the standard understanding of bad European colonial power and noble indigenous African nation which we have been taught.  The lessons of that war are useful in understanding our world today. Ethiopia, like most large nations in the Old World, was an empire with ruling peoples and subject peoples – just like Iran or Iraq or Turkey or Pakistan or China or many other trouble spots in our world.  Haile Selassie was an...(Read Full Post)
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