Pelosi plots with Mexico to beat Trump

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi met for 30 minutes with former Mexican president Vicente Fox to discuss ways that Mexico could help the Democrats defeat Donald Trump in November.  Fox also referred to Trump supporters as lazy, TV-watching drunks.

And I thought I had seen and heard everything this election season.

Washington Examiner:

In an exclusive interview with theWashington Examiner Friday, former Mexican President Vicente Fox also said that he is "becoming a fan of" Clinton, who he compared to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and he disparaged Trump supporters as lazy, uneducated, TV watching drunks.

He complained that that Mexico buys billions of dollars of items from the United States that create 10 million American jobs, but Trump supporters still "don't respect us."

He added, "We need to wake up that citizen. We need them to take them away from the TV and drinking beer, to working hard, to getting the skills, to getting knowledge, and they will come along, like everybody else."

On a media tour to promote an anti-Trump, "compassionate, intelligent leadership" agenda, he said that he met with Pelosi at the airport in Mexico City Sunday and discussed ways he can help convince Latin American immigrants in the United States to reject Trump.

"What I've been saying here, I told her. Count with us, with all Mexicans, to support the Democratic Party because you've done much better with us than the Republican Party," he said.

"We will never convince any Mexican either in the (United) States or in Mexico or any Latin American in the States or Latin America to support this false prophet," he said.

He repeatedly called Trump "stupid," and a "false prophet," and called on Americans to "wake up" and reject the Republican.

He even slapped Trump's tweet on Cinco de Mayo that he was eating a taco bowl made by in the Trump Tower Grill. Fox said Trump "is going to get an indigestion. That's not Mexican food."

Fox's disagreements with Trump are well known, so during the interview he focused on those who support the Republican, calling on them to educate themselves on why Trump's policies are wrong.

"It's fear that's making you follow Trump," he said.

So what's worse?  Pelosi's near treasonous collusion with Mexico to interfere in an American election or Fox's racist views on Trump supporters?

Answer: Both are equallly abhorrent, and the Obama State Department should immediately call in the Mexican ambassador to the U.S. and lay down the law.

Wait...what am I saying?  The Obama State Department?  Forgive me.  For a moment I forgot that our State Department does little to protect or promote American interests. 

Perhaps they'll want to give Fox a humanitarian award for sticking his nose in an American election.

You can be damn sure that if an American ex-president actively plotted to interfere in a Mexican election, Fox would be the first face in front of the camera railing against "the ugly American."  Fox was a hypocrite while in office, and he's even worse now.

What sort of sanction should the ethics committee impose on Pelosi?  Will they even bother to look into it?  As much as Democrats hate Republicans and vice versa, after hours, most of them are great chums.  I doubt she'll even get a slap on the wrist.

What a sad commentary on the Democrats' views of democracy and American independence.