Thanks to the generosity of AT readers, Baby Jose in Venezuela getting help

Last Monday, Jeannie DeAngelis told American Thinker readers about the plight of baby Jose Manuel Villamizar Zambrano, a victim of the economic ruin brought to Venezuela by the socialism of Hugo Chávez and his successor dictator, Nicolás Maduro:

Jose is 5 months old and in need of a complicated heart operation.  The baby must receive treatment between the ages of 4 and 6 months.  At the time of the family’s correspondence with Dr. Ogilvie, Jose was 5 months and 20 days.

According to the letter when the parents brought the child to the  “free” hospital for care, because of old broken down equipment and the high cost of treating him, he and his parents were turned away.

Put simply, “free” health care sent a baby boy, who could be easily saved, home to die.

Here is a portion of the letter to Dr. Ogilvie, which said:

From the hospital Central Tachira sent in February 2016, a folder with all documents to the Children Cardiologico baby in Montalban - Caracas. We were there on Tuesday, 26 April this year and was informed that the hospital was not operating as it had damaged the equipment to catheterization and operation entity.

AT readers opened their hearts to Baby Jose.  So far, over seven thousand dollars has been raised.  Notice that his lips are blue:

And Dr. Ogilvie in Venezuela is doing what she can to use the money to get help.  It is not so easy, because nothing is easily available in Venezuela, a country where stores run out of essentials, where toilet paper is in severe shortage and where functional medical equipment does not even at work in hospitals.

Please stay tuned.  We will update you as your generosity is put to work in a country gripped by socialist madness.

And thank you, AT readers!