Party like it's 1824?

In the interest of full disclosure, every one of my 2016 predictions has turned out to be wrong.  I have not been this "streaky bad" since Rich Dauer of the Orioles went 1-for-41 to start the 1977 season.  Dauer turned it around and became a very good player with the Orioles, who won the A.L. pennant in 1979 and World Series in 1983.  I'm hoping the same for my predictions. I feel good about this one: we will have four candidates in 2016, and the election will go to the House.     Yes, we see new polls that show Mr. Trump beating Mrs. Clinton.  He leads in Rasmussen (42-37%) and Fox (45-42%).    Am I the only one who sees that those numbers don't add up to a 100%?  In other words, there are a lot of people in those polls who are staying home or have not decided for Trump or Clinton.  My guess is that these undecided would go away if there were other choices. The undecided confirms what Bill...(Read Full Post)