Obama’s toilet revolution

As a Western revolutionary, Obama has been relentless in his efforts over the last seven years to use all the machinery and influence of government, whether illegally (since 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously ruled 13 times that Obama’s actions have been unconstitutional) or legally, to fundamentally transform America into the neo-Marxist democracy he and his father have long dreamed about.

His most recent stunt to this end is to use North Carolina’s “bathroom” law, or House Bill 2, as a springboard for the U.S. Justice Department to issue a sweeping dictate in the name of social fairness and civil rights.  House Bill 2, which requires individuals to use the public bathrooms and showers that correspond to their birth sex, was drafted and passed in order to negate an unconstitutional Charlotte city ordinance that forced different sexes to share public accommodations.

What’s most ominous about Obama’s latest maneuver is that the letter sent by the Justice Department to North Carolina governor Pat McCrory stakes out a position for the federal government that would apply to every business in America, as well as all universities and colleges that receive federal funds, that are subject to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

According to Gov. McCrory, the demand letter (read the letter here) sent to top North Carolina officials should be understood as follows:

One thing the nation has to realize is this is no longer just a North Carolina issue. This order, this letter by the Justice Department, is saying that every company in the United States of America that has more than 15 employees are going to have to abide by the federal government’s regulations on bathrooms.  So now the federal government is going to tell almost every private sector company in the United States who can or cannot come into their bathrooms, restrooms, their shower facilities for their employees. And they’re also telling every university in the United States of America -- it’s not just North Carolina -- they’re now telling every university that accepts federal funding that boys who may think they’re a girl can go into a locker room or a restroom or shower facility.

Barack Obama and his militant Justice Department don’t care at all about individuals confused or rebellious about their gender.  As with all revolutionary activity, the goal is to seize upon crisis in order to further the aggrandizement of the State, and its control over every competing area of society.

Obama’s response to North Carolina is a classic leftist maneuver of setting up a straw man, or transgender in this case, to ensure and continue to expand federal power over the states.  From a revolutionary perspective, states with their 10th Amendment constitutional sovereignty are antithetical to the long-term objective of an international socialist system.   

It is critical now for states to recognize their pivotal constitutional power and determine to use every available resource to counter, correct, and ultimately crush the left’s war against the Constitution and the 10th Amendment.  Recall the efforts made by the revolutionary left to force a Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage and tear down state marriage laws.  Their attack on North Carolina is not at all different in both tactic and objective.

Gov. McCrory seems to recognize the enormous significance of this fight and has bravely turned the table on Obama and his comrades at Justice by announcing today that North Carolina will sue.  Time will tell if his response will work.  In the interim, however, other governors from states across the country should quickly join McCrory in making this a national fight for the 10th Amendment and state sovereignty.

The bullying left and their fellow-traveling mega-corporations such as Apple, Facebook, PayPal, and Wells Fargo are convinced that the threat of economic warfare against the states will tame them.  But instead of cowering as other Republican governors have before him, Gov. McCrory launched a counterrevolution and pushed back with the support of many other companies and organizations that are not part of Obama’s not so new economic and social policies of revolution.

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