How Republicans should respond to Julian Castro's big plans

It's chilling to learn what punishment the social justice warriors have in store for beneficiaries of white privilege.  Monday's blog post by Thomas Lifson, "Meet Julian Castro, who has big plans" discussed HUD's scheme to move "disadvantaged" inner-city families into upscale white suburban neighborhoods.  Since the Republicans are too cowardly to defund this diversity scheme, might they at least consider introducing the following program guidelines?

1) The pool of applicants shall be limited to couples who have been married for at least five years, have no criminal records, and have not received welfare for more than two of the last five years.  This restriction would benefit the entire inner-city community, not just the few chosen for the relocation.  It provides an incentive for them to make choices that will improve their lives.

Without this guideline, HUD will likely select the most "disadvantaged" families: large families, including teenagers with criminal records, headed by single mothers.  This will reward bad behavior in the inner city and inflict maximum punishment of the suburban white population (no doubt the real goal of the plan).

2) The apartments or homes used in the relocation must be located within a quarter-mile of the primary residences of 1) ten most senior HUD and DOJ employees or 2) members of Congress (ordered by leadership seniority) who fail to support this legislation.

3) All funding of HUD's relocation programs will be terminated if any of these guidelines are violated.

Skyrocketing crime is but the first phase in the punishment in store for the too white suburbs.  The Democrats will blame the violence on guns and restrict gun ownership in those communities, leaving the homeowners defenseless – a fitting punishment for those born of white privilege.

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