Hillary losing to Trump 45-42 in new poll

The purported certainty of a wipeout for Trump in the November election is gone, joining other confidant pundit predictions, such as Trump’s “ceiling” at 30% of the GOP electorate. No doubt this latest poll from Fox News will be dismissed as an outlier, and product of a biased conservative outlet. Nonetheless, the trends are unmistakable: Hillary Clinton is losing support and Donald Trump is gaining it.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls reveals the same story, but with a lag.

Even Hillary Clinton’s supporters admit she has a “likability problem,” which is a polite euphemism for her unattractive personality, including (but not limited to) her obvious penchant for lying, her condescending attitude towards others, and her nearly intolerable voice when she gets excited and emphatic, epitomized by her yelling at a crowd about the need to stop yelling.

The plain fact is that the more the public sees of Hillary, the less they like her. This pattern dates back to her husband’s presidency, when she consistently polled better during periods when she was absent from the national stage. Investor’s Business Daily points our the reversion to this pattern:

 Of the past 20 primaries, Clinton has won only eight to Sanders’ 12. And as the accompanying chart shows, her vote average has dropped sharply in the second half of the primary season, while Sanders’ climbed. As a result, her lead among delegates today is actually narrower than it was back in late March.

It’s very hard to campaign for president without being visible to the public, but it seems safe to predict that Hillary will rely on a lot of surrogates to do her speaking for her.   

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