GOP platform may not include Trump's border wall

Top Republican officials at the RNC and on the platform committee are expressing doubts about including Donald Trump's proposal to build a wall on our southern border in the party platform.

The wall is a major part of Trump's stated agenda. It has propelled his candidacy over the top to the point that he is now the certain nominee of the party. 

Apparently, this is a minor consideration for the establishment that still control key parts of the GOP.

Washington Times:

While Trump supporters chant “Build that wall!” at his rallies, those who will write and vote on the platform in Cleveland in July say they consider it more of a shorthand for border security, and question whether they need to include any specific call for a wall.

But Mr. Trump himself has shown no signs of backing down, even releasing a policy paper — one of just seven so far this campaign — detailing ways he can keep his pledge to force Mexico to pay for the cost of the wall. Each time Mexican officials objected, Mr. Trump said he’d build the wall even higher.

“Supporters want to see this because this is what Mr. Trump ran on,” said Matthew Jansen, a Trump supporter who won a slot to be a convention delegate from Pennsylvania. He said the platform must “explicitly” say there is a plan for a wall to be built between the Mexican and American border.

The focus on the GOP platform promises to pick up speed over the coming weeks as members of the committee that will write the document are selected by each delegation.

Hashed out every four years, the GOP platform generally turns into a balancing act between honoring various wish lists within from the Republican coalition, and between laying out broad conservative principles and advocating specific legislative priorities.

Some nominees have viewed it as more important than others. In 1996 Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas said he had not read the document and did not intend to.

This is idiotic. Why pick a fight with Trump supporters? This is an issue that could very well end up on the convention floor, making a mess of the event. 

Trump is taking control of the Republican party, putting allies in key positions at the state party level, and gradually bending the RNC to do his will. But the notion that the signature issue for the candidate would be left off the platform is a declaration of war that Trump can't ignore. It will be a test of his influence at the highest levels of the party to see if he can force the platform committee to include this issue before the final draft is voted on.