Hanging Hillary with her own ugly words

Donald Trump would do himself and this country a huge favor if he would do to Hillary what the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did to John Kerry in the 2004 election: bring together the people from her past who know the off-stage, off-camera, hard-focus Hillary, and let them share with America their experiences with this woman who would be queen.  Those people are the state troopers in Arkansas and the U.S. Secret Service agents who once served on her protective details.  Like those brave sailors who served with John Kerry when his true lack of character was on full display, these state and federal protectors have tales to tell about the former first lady when she wasn't on camera, and those stories aren't pretty. Because the Clintons have required protection details from their early days in Arkansas in the governor's mansion, right up to the present, there is no shortage of sworn officers who have been in position to observe this pair of grifters up close and...(Read Full Post)