Federally funded activist groups take part in anti-Trump May Day demonstration

Several activist groups who have received funds from the federal government helped organize the May Day anti-Trump demonstrations in Los Angeles.

Most nonprofit groups are prohibited by law from engaging in partisan political activity.  However, according to the Daily Caller, it's difficult to say if any of the groups violated the law.

A group called the May Day Coalition organized the event, which was held in downtown Los Angeles and attended by thousands of activists, many of whom carried signs denouncing the GOP front-runner. One group even toted a blow-up of the real estate billionaire holding a KKK hood.

“We want to send a united message that immigrants, people of color and workers are fighting back against hate,” reads a description of the event, which was one of many held in major cities across the U.S. to commemorate International Workers’ Day.

As Trump inches closer and closer to the GOP nomination, activist groups have ramped up their efforts to turn out immigrant voters, many of whom hold green cards but have not taken steps to become citizens. (RELATED: Obama Admin Funds Blitz To Naturalize Anti-Trump Voters)

The groups oppose Trump’s restrictive stance on immigration and worry about his proposal to complete a wall on the southern border. 

“His hate cannot trump our vote,” Rusty Hicks, an organizer with the AFL-CIO, said at Sunday’s event

“So while he wants to round up people for mass deportation we’re going to round up votes and send him back to the Trump Towers and not to the White House, right?” he asked the crowd, which was filled with “Dump Trump” signs. 

“We’re ready to march? We’re ready to vote? We’re ready to organize?”

The main organizer of Sunday’s event is the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), a group that in 2014 received $250,000 from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to help immigrants from Mexico and El Salvador complete the citizenship registration process.

CHIRLA, which is still listed on USCIS’ website as a citizenship services provider, was heavily involved in Sunday’s protests.

Whether they violated the law depends on their nonprofit classification.  If the groups are classified 501(c)(3), they are allowed to participate in "voter education" activities.  No doubt, the nonprofits involved in this demonstration would claim that's what they were doing.  But they have nothing to worry about.  Does anyone believe that the IRS would actually investigate them?  I thought not.

These nonprofits are doing the dirty work of the Democratic Party, and they will continue to do so unless the IRS changes the rules governing political activity by nonprofits.

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