Hey ‘white people’: you have a ‘way of life problem,’ and Mizzou Faculty Council has videos telling you how to shape up

Does the University of Missouri have a death wish?  In the wake of capitulating to race grievance demonstrators, Mizzou is already experiencing a decline in applications so severe that it is closing four dorms and a drop in donations that is causing a financial crisis.  Although the faculty no longer includes Melissa “I need some muscle” Click, apparently race-obsessed leftists still occupy positions of power.

The university’s Faculty Council Committee on Race Relations is digging an even deeper hole for the school.  Carly Hoilman of TheBlaze reports:

The University of Missouri’s Faculty Council Committee on Race Relations released a video series this week that aims to educate students and faculty about racism on campus, Mizzou’s student newspaper, the Maneater, reported.

Committee member Craig Roberts, a Mizzou plant sciences professor, said that the target audience of these videos will be white faculty, the lessons will be applicable for the while [sic] community as a whole.

The committee apparently is aiming not at overt expressions of racism, but rather:

Mak[ing] Mizzou a “safe and welcoming place for everyone” by developing “tools and strategies to assist the faculty” in understanding and and working to correct “misunderstandings about race and ethnicity.”

The committee has released five videos. In the first video, Roberts regretfully notes that around 1,500 of Mizzou’s two thousand full-time faculty members are white. He calls racism “a way of life problem” for the school’s community.

Check out one of the videos for yourself:

Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, hits the nail on the head:

So they really haven’t learned their lesson yet.

There is only one way they will ever learn.  Mizzou depends on the GOP-dominated state legislature for its funding.  The legislature has the power to defund entire departments, and tenure does not protect professors whose departments are closed.  Academia has been out of control for generations now, alienated from the society that sustains it, insisting on its privileges and entitlements.  Nothing would do more to “encourage the others” (in Napoleon’s famous words) than defunding entire departments.