Fat 'activist' rails against 'thin privilege' and 'fat oppression'

On the "lighter side" of the news, so to speak, "fat activist" Virgie Tovar spoke at the University of Minnesota school of public health, and...well you have to read it to believe it. Heatstreet: Tovar’s talk, entitled “Dispelling Myths: Fat, Fatphobia, and Challenging Social Stereotypes,” was designed to help students understand that “fat phobia” is rampant in a “white, heteronormative society” that is looking to actively oppress people with larger body types. Society’s bias against fat people is, apparently, a form of bigotry and discrimination, evident in everything from sexual preferences to the size of seats on public transportation. She even, reportedly, compared society’s anti-fat culture to so-called “rape culture,” and chastised society for its obsession with what she termed “thin privilege.” According to Tovar, the students, who study public health (at...(Read Full Post)