Cruz Still Fighting for We The People

Someone sent me audio of Ted Cruz being interviewed on the Pat Campbell radio show explaining why he suspended his campaign. During the interview, Cruz vowed to fight to keep conservative principles and values in the GOP platform. Once again, Cruz's character, political savvy (a good thing) and commitment to conservatism shone through. I was also struck by how centered Cruz appeared; calm and ready to move forward in his battle to defend Judeo-Christian values.  Ronald Reagan's mom, Nelle, was a devout Christian. She instilled in Ronnie that God would never allow anything to happen that did not ultimately lead to good for him. Reagan found comfort in he and his mom's shared faith when he lost the GOP nomination in 1976. I suspect Cruz is of a similar mindset. Reagan won the general in 1980. Folks, I gotta tell ya', Cruz is an awesome man and peerless political leader. His day in the sun is coming. God has big plans for Ted Cruz. Thus, I do not...(Read Full Post)