Clinton vs Trump: The freak show is just getting started

What happens when two candidates would rather insult each other than debate issues?  The answer is the freak show developing before us.  Let's check a couple of today's headlines:   1) The Clinton people admit that they can't make their candidate exciting.  A story in The Washington Post quotes several supporters confessing what we all know.  In other words, the lady is boring, such as really boring. 2) The media is doing exactly what we predicted.  The New York Times started by going back and digging up every conversation or contact with women that Mr. Trump has had over the years. The freak show is off and running, and it's not Memorial Day yet.     It leads many of us to agree with Paul Mirengoff: Let’s put it this way: the odds of Trump nominating a conservative to the Supreme Court are considerably greater than the odds of Clinton nominating even a centrist. I have almost six months to weigh...(Read Full Post)