Why don't blacks believe that #BlackLivesMatter?

As former president and first gentleman (using the word loosely) wannabe Bill Clinton (D) plays bad cop (or something) to his wife's campaign by speaking the truth about black-on-black crime, the Chicago Tribune reported "2 killed, 6 wounded in separate shootings" and "Man blames himself for friend's slaying: 'That's on me. That's on me'" and...well, you get the idea.

Every day, the reports in the Tribune are about mostly the same neighborhoods, usually black but occasionally Hispanic (Mexican or Puerto Rican), rarely white.  Most of the victims and the alleged shooters share the same gender, class, and racial background; indeed, they could  be President Barack Hussein Obama (D)'s mythical sons.  The only thing that changes are the numbers.

This behavior is not unique to Chicago.  Milwaukee, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Louisville...many blacks don't seem to believe that black lives matter.

The loud so-called civil rights leaders in Chicago and elsewhere have been silent about the daily carnage in their own backyards.  While the Rev. Jesse Jackson traipsed all the way to Flint, Michigan to protest the lead-filled water in a town with a black mayor and was one of the protesters when a video appeared of Chicago police officers shooting a black teen walking away from the police, he has said nothing about the dangers in his own neighborhood – 50 years ago filled with solid middle-class white Catholics and Jews with good schools and lovely homes, now another high-crime neighborhood with poor schools.