Twitter privileges Azealia Banks, endorses rape and torture of Sarah Palin

From the lowest branches of the underbrush of stupidity, aka social justice theory, hangs the rotten fruit of privileging theory.  According to this theory – poverty, disease, and deprivation not withstanding – all white people, Christians, and heterosexuals – in short, the objects of left-wing bigotry – enjoy special privileging.  This moronic assertion exempts the left from compassion for those who disagree with them and justifies the discrimination they practice in the media-education conglomerate they control.

A privilege is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted to a person beyond the advantages of others.  Privilege is granted justly when earned through achievement or worthiness.  But as insanity and evil reach unimaginable heights in America, special immunities and privileges are being granted by the powers that be in social media to those who spew extreme bigotry, hate, and even specific threats of violence against conservatives.

Twitter violated its own terms of service to grant privileging for Azealia Banks to repeatedly tweet graphic, race-based threats of rape, kidnapping, torture, humiliation, and theft against Sarah Palin, her family, and her home.  Imagine the exact violations, with black changed to white, used against a famous black woman like Oprah Winfrey.

Twitter has suspended its own rules of usage and declared Banks's vile criminal incitement acceptable according to its standards.  When in God's name are decent people going to stand up and say enough is enough?

Commercial alternatives to dominant social media platforms like Twitter can and must be constructed now.  Sarah Palin stated she will bring legal action against the disgusting Banks.  People of conscience must stop using Twitter immediately and build an alternative platform for that form of social media.  The Judeo-Christian Union of America is an answer.  Visit