Trump to parade his trophy wife Melania for voters

Desperate to reverse his fortunes with female voters - 7 of 10 of whom have a negative view of him - Donald Trump will be joined this week on the campaign trail by his beautiful trophy wife Melania. The role of the former Slovenian model is unknown, but whatever she says or does can't make things any worse for the candidate.

Washington Examiner:


Donald Trump announced Saturday that his wife, Melania Trump, will hit the campaign trail starting Monday.

"She's going to campaign," Trump told a Racine, Wis., crowd. "She's never done this before."

Melania Trump has appeared with her husband and family at Trump victory rallies, but Trump's comment indicates an enhanced role for her on the Trump campaign.

Trump is dispatching his third wife, a former model, as polls showTrump's support from women cratering. The gap is hurting Trump's effort to fend off rival Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and could kill any chance he has to beat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the general election.

So that will be exciting," Trump said. "Melania is coming up."

Gallup tracking polls show Trump hitting an all-time low with female voters. Seven in 10 say they have a negative view of Trump.

Melania rarely gives interviews and steers clear of controversy herself. She seems fairly comfortable with the English language and would probably be an asset to Trump on the hustings.

But improve Trump's standing with women? The damage Trump does every time he opens his mouth about women is probably irreparable and could even get worse. Melania may be a curiosity to many women but as far as damage control, it's out of her hands.



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