Hillary’s Haircut Inequity

The Clintons claim that in 2001 when they left the White House in a moving van stuffed to the rafters with $190K worth of stolen items, they were poverty stricken. Then, between 2001 and 2012, on speaking fees alone, the destitute couple managed to stockpile approximately $160 million dollars.

With that kind of haul, who needs commemorative china and cutlery?

Anyway, now it’s 2016 and, thus far, Hillary watchers haven’t seen the former penniless first lady/current prosperous presidential hopeful wear the same outfit twice. In fact, every time Hillary Clinton’s bulging eyes approach the podium, if you listen closely, besides the signature squawking and screeching, you’ll hear a cash register ring up $1,400 for each and every Nina McLemore power pantsuit she shows up in.

To go with those pricey getups, recently, while trawling in New York State for votes, Hillary proved she is the champion of the middle class when, early in the morning, she snuck into the side door Bergdorf Goodman’s John Barrett Salon. Once inside, and before getting a common man haircut and blowout for which she gladly shelled out $600 big ones, Hillary rode solo in an elevator like a movie star.

Let’s not forget, it was Hillary who once said, “If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.” And by spending $600 on something that looks like it cost 20 bucks - Hillary did just that.

Not to worry, there is an upside to the story.

Later that morning, Clinton’s hair and outfit delighted her audience at the Apollo Theatre where she shrieked and pounded the lectern like a butcher flattening chicken cutlets.

Hillary’s new hairdo even went perfectly with the navy blue leather pantsuit she wore while “talking trash” and riding shotgun in a five-car motorcade that ran a red light.

But, the place that the feathered cut and the self-proclaimed “fashion icon’s” leather jacket really made an impression was at the LGBT Fundraiser in SoHo's Capitale where both she and Rosie O’Donnell mocked Donald Trump and his hair.

Granted, it wouldn’t hurt if billionaire Trump dropped in on John Barrett for a slight makeover. However, it’s not Donald who talks up the middle class while spending $600 on a haircut – it’s Hillary!

Yes, Hillary Clinton is part of the 1% she is always criticizing. It’s Hillary who is the antithesis of her Democrat opponent Bernie Sanders who never combs his hair, let alone spends $600 in a haircut.

As the Washington Free Beacon pointed out, Hillary’s new coif cost nearly 14 times what the average woman pays to have her hair done. And, if Hillary decided to ask John to also cover those telltale greys, a process she admits she has had done for years, her morning outing to the 5th Avenue hair salon had to have cost her another $600.

Six hundred dollars for color and $600 for a cut would bring Mrs. Clinton’s restyling tab to – Cha-ching –$1,200, which is $100 more than the average American, Hillary claims she’s fighting for, earns a week.

Yet even though Mrs. Clinton amassed $9+ million in 2013 for speaking engagements alone, and although her daughter Chelsea earned $600K for an entry-level job at NBC, the former first lady remains dedicated to the cause of pay equity.

However, based on how much she plunked down for her new coif, in addition to dead Americans in Libya, and a cache of lost confidential emails, middle-class haircut equity is not a cause that keeps Hillary Clinton up nights.

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