There is just so much wrong with Hillary

In 2008, Hillary hated Obama, bad-mouthed him, and ran against him in the primaries.  She failed.  Now she praises Obama and says what a wonderful president he is and has been from day one.  Was she phony when she attacked him, or is she phony now, when she tries to use him as moral support? Hypocrisy, thy name is contradiction for the sake of votes. Why Hillary thinks Obama, who is not very popular, will save her, God knows.  He is not considered one of our best presidents except by racially homogenous blacks, liberal Jews, and the ideological blind. It's interesting that the two most famous people in the race, Hillary and Trump, are harsh and obnoxious.  Only Trump is honest and direct and has a record of accomplishment.  Hillary is a feminist who has used her popular husband as a wedge into politics. All that Hillary has done has a dark underside to it, whether it is the barnacles clinging to failed Hillarycare or the revolution in...(Read Full Post)