The world belongs to those who show up

I am a delegate to both the North Carolina state GOP convention to be held in May and my congressional district convention next week.  My political insider connection is that I showed up at my precinct caucus/county convention last month, where I expressed the willingness to commit to the time and expense of attending these other conventions. I have made a similar commitment every few years for the past three decades.  When I lived in Chicago, I was also a delegate to several Illinois state GOP conventions for the same reasons: I voted in Republican primaries, attended my ward Republican organization's meetings, and made the commitment to attend the state convention.  As a law professor I had who was also a veteran of the Minnesota state legislature used to tell his class, “The world belongs to those who show up to participate.” The sad fact is that many times, delegate/alternate slots to political conventions go unfilled because there are not...(Read Full Post)