Sanders calls Hillary’s bluff on Goldman Sachs speech transcripts

In last night’s Brooklyn Democrat debate, Hillary Clinton continued to dodge in the original home of the Dodgers.  The subject: her refusal to release transcripts of her big-money addresses to Goldman Sachs, now the most hated firm in America, which just agreed to a “five billion dollar” settlement (about a billion dollars less, with tax deductions allowed by the structure of the agreement) for knowingly peddling junk securities to its customers as if they were prime instruments.

Her chosen way to skip over releasing the transcripts was to claim that she would release them only if Sanders and Trump release their tax returns, as she has done.

Let’s set the same standard for everybody. When everybody does it, I’ll do it, OK?

The crowd booed her repeatedly:

But now the Sanders campaign is planning to release his 2014 tax returns today.  Ben Wolfgang of the Washington Times reports:

Sen. Bernard Sanders will release his 2014 tax returns on Friday, but his presidential primary rival Hillary Clinton still refuses to make public transcripts of high-priced speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs. (snip)

Mrs. Clinton then blasted Mr. Sanders’ failure to release his tax returns, but the Vermont senator said they’ll be unveiled soon.

He again said that his wife, Jane, handles the family’s taxes and has been tied up with campaign work.

“What we have always done — Jane has done them. She’s been out on the campaign trail. We will get them out,” Mr. Sanders said.

He said he will release his 2014 returns on Friday and will release earlier years in the coming weeks.

I have no doubt that Clinton will stick to her refusal to release the transcripts, citing Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns.  But this will hand Sanders the opportunity to continue to attack her for her cozy secret relationship with Goldman Sachs and to demonize Clinton as applying the "Trump standard" to herself.  Her earlier demand that he release his tax returns was not modified with an escape clause on Trump.

I have little doubt that Trump will continue to stonewall on his tax returns.  A man with his wealth and complexity could be questioned endlessly on the details of expenses claimed, income recognition, and other complex details of his taxes.  Look what happened to Mitt Romney when he released his taxes.

I suspect that Hillary said some nice things about Goldman when she spoke to them – empty phrases like “the great work you do” or “all that you have accomplished for America.”  But in the current atmosphere of Wall Street demonology, they will look very bad.