Coalition of climate hysterics meet to take down ExxonMobile by 'creating' scandals

The Washington Free Beacon has obtained the agenda from a January 9 meeting of prominent climate change groups and the Rockefeller Foundation, whose purpose was to discuss ways to destroy ExxonMobil through  legal action, divestment efforts, and political pressure.

The meeting—which included top officials at GreenPeace, the Working Families Party, and the Rockefeller Family Fund—took place as climate change groups have pushed for a federal criminal probe of ExxonMobil’s environmental impact, similar to the 1990s racketeering case against Big Tobacco.

A copy of the meeting’s agenda, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, provides a rare glimpse inside the anti-ExxonMobil crusade, which has already spurred investigations into the oil giant by Democratic attorneys general in several states.

According to the memo, the coalition’s goals are to “delegitimize [ExxonMobil] as a political actor,” “force officials to disassociate themselves from Exxon,” and “drive divestment from Exxon.” The memo also proposed “creating scandal” by using lawsuits and state prosecutors to obtain internal documents from ExxonMobil through judicial discovery.

The secret meeting was first reported by the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, but the group’s agenda was not posted in full until now.

The agenda was drafted by Kenny Bruno, an activist with the New Venture Fund. Bruno emailed the memo to a small group of around a dozen attendees, including Naomi Ages at GreenPeace; Dan Cantor, executive director of the New York Working Families Party; Jamie Henn, co-founder at; and Rob Weissman, president at Public Citizen.

According to the agenda, the meeting would be opened by Lee Wasserman, director of the Rockefeller Family Fund. The organization funds many environmental groups and hosted the meeting at its Manhattan office.

“If you are receiving this message then we believe you are attending the meeting this coming Friday Jan 8 regarding Exxon,” wrote Bruno. “The meeting will take place at: Rockefeller Family Fund.”

The email included a “DRAFT Agenda” for “Exxon: Revelations & Opportunities.”

Under a section headlined “goals,” the agenda listed: “To establish in the public’s mind that Exxon is a corrupt institution”; “To delegitimize them as a political actor; and “To drive Exxon & climate into center of 2016 election.”

The agenda also outlined “the main avenues for legal actions & related campaigns,” including state attorneys general, the Department of Justice, international litigation, and tort lawsuits.

“Which of these has the best prospects for successful action? For getting discovery? For creating scandal?” said the memo.

The Rockefeller Family Fund did not immediately return request for comment.

First of all, this exposes the efforts by state attorneys general to prosecute ExxonMobil for "fraud" to be nothing more than a device to gain access to proprietary company records and then "create" scandals based on cherry-picking damaging information. 

It also demonstrates the lengths to which these climate hysterics will go to defeat their political enemies.  They will use the legal system as a political club – an unethical and possibly illegal activity.  The problem is that the very people who would be charged with investigating this cabal – state attorneys general – are involved in the conspiracy.  Convenient, no?

Russell Cook's excellent article today detailing the bogus RICO case being brought by the attorneys general is part of the lawfare being waged by the left over the global warming issue.  And if Clinton or Sanders is elected, we can expect either one to target scientists, think-tanks, and even individuals who refuse to toe the line on climate change. 

The degradation of free speech by these tyrannical bullies continues.