Obama expands the regulatory state

On the front page of the April 8 Wall Street Journal is an article stating that President Obama is ready to issue a flurry of new regulations.

May 2015 study showed that President Obama had issued 468,500 pages of new regulations in the first six years of office.  He rarely goes through Congress because abiding by the Constitution to get laws passed is just too hard.

Is there any wonder why the economy is growing so slowly when so many costly, nonproductive regulations have been implemented?  He issues regulations and raises taxes and fees.  Then, when corporations move to less costly countries, he issues more regulations to punish them.

While chastising private businesses and regulating them at every turn, the scandal has continued at the VA.  Very few individuals have been punished for the fraud at the VA when they lied about waiting times.  When agencies like the VA commit fraud, they don’t get fined by the Justice Department.  They get an increased budget.

Heaven help us if we elect Hillary, who has said that she will go around Congress more than Obama.