New Yorkers know better

The polls say that Donald Trump is set to sweep New York with more votes than in any previous primary of this election cycle.  How on Earth is this possible?  It must be a mistake.

New Yorkers know this man well, better than the residents of any other state, better than those of us who do not watch reality television shows. They see him around town in all the best places.  They have seen him on the covers of the tabloids all the time.  They know better than the rest of us that he is a self-promoting double-dealer, a three-times married man who revels in demeaning women, especially if they cross him or he is ready to move on to the next one.  They know that he has exactly no knowledge of the Constitution, foreign policy, the military, education, terrorism, law-making, law-breaking, etc.  He is a man of great wealth who does, and has always done, what he wants, when he wants, how he wants, and to whom he wants.  He suffers no consequences when he does these things badly, unlawfully, or cruelly.  His money has, for his entire life, set him apart from the lives of most Americans.  He has gold-plated toilets when millions of citizens worry about how to repair their own necessary appliances they consider luxuries.

How can New Yorkers who so enthusiastically support his candidacy for the presidency put aside his obvious narcissism and megalomania?  He viciously attacks his opponents unjustly and with unnecessary personal venom.  Not one of his opponents has been spared.  He likened Dr. Ben Carson to a pedophile, over and over again, then pretended to defend him against Ted Cruz when it was CNN that reported Carson's departure from Iowa.  He called Marco Rubio all manner of sordid, childish names.  He eviscerated Jeb Bush at every opportunity.  He insulted Carly Fiorina's appearance, as he has countless other women.  And what he says about Cruz only reveals whom he fears the most.  For good reason.  Cruz has actually read the Constitution, and he remembers it.  He knows it by heart.

New Yorkers, especially those in Manhattan, are smart people; they have to be to live there, to afford to live there.  They have the best of everything:  theater, music, food, living spaces, close access to airports and faraway places and the money to travel.  Do they, in their hearts of hearts, really think Donald Trump has the right stuff to be the president of the United States?  They cannot possibly think that.  They know better.

It is easy to understand Trump's support in some quarters – among those who have been shelved by the policies of the Obama administration, rendered irrelevant by his countless, extra-constitutional executive orders that have privileged illegal immigrants, refugees, the IRS, the EPA, and all the other federal bureaucracies tasked with dehumanizing us.  But those people are not New Yorkers!  New Yorkers are the cream of the crop, the blessed of the few, the chic-est of the chic.  They know better than the rubes in flyover country.  They would never vote for a jerk, a know-nothing arrogant rich man who has played with people and his father's money all of his life.  Would they?  Of course not.  They know better.