John Kasich, unhinged

The major mistake Gov. John Kasich made in his quest to be nominated for president is that he chose to run in the wrong party.  As a Democrat, Kasich would give Hillary fits.  Even all but the most dyed-in-the-wool Democrats are grasping for an alternative knowing that the woman is inherently dishonest and carries the stink of corruption around with her like a perfume.   Kasich's latest affront to the Republican base (and common sense) comes from, of all places, Puerto Rico.  This past week, the San Juan Star reported that the governor favors making Puerto Rico the 51st state of the union and that he would “openly move” in that direction if elected president. Now don't get me wrong.  Puerto Rico has a number of fine attribues.  But by culture, language, and attitude of its people, it is far from being in sync with America.  The last thing the United States needs is...(Read Full Post)