Cuban state media goes after our first black president

President Teddy Roosevelt once told a campaign audience that weakness invites contempt.  Let's just say that those words apply to our new friend Raúl Castro, who keeps going out of his way to show the world that it was President Obama, not he, who really wanted to do the wave at the baseball game. First, Raúl Castro skipped President Obama's arrival.  We heard all week that it was the first presidential visit to Cuba since President Coolidge.  Historic?  I guess that Raúl didn't get the memo or doesn't care about history.   Second, Raúl Castro watched  the president of the U.S. praise his education and health care system.  Incredibly, President Obama read the regime's talking points from A to Z.  What was the point of President Obama doing this?  Third, Fidel Castro jumped into the act and wrote an op-ed in the state media blasting President Obama.  Let's...(Read Full Post)