Carbon delusions and defective models

The relentless war on carbon is justified by the false assumption that global temperature is controlled by human production of two carbon-bearing "greenhouse gases."  The scary forecasts of runaway heating are based on complicated but narrowly focused carbon-centric computerized global circulation models built for the U.N. IPCC.  These models omit many significant climate factors and rely heavily on dodgy temperature records and unproven assumptions about two trace natural gases in the atmosphere. The models fail to explain Earth's long history of changing climates and ignore the powerful role of interacting cycles in the solar system, which determine how much solar energy is absorbed and reflected by Earth's atmosphere, clouds, and surface.  Several ancient societies and some modern mavericks, without help from million-dollar computers, recognized that the Sun, Moon, and major planets produce cyclic changes in Earth's climate. The IPCC...(Read Full Post)