Anti-Semitism strong in Hillary's campaign

Huma Abedin used to be a journalist who worked at a magazine that favored Islamic supremacist ideology.  This is just what we need as the right-hand woman for Hillary Clinton. Huma is a genealogical anti-Semite who is close to Hillary and married to a pervert.  Hillary has never evidenced any fondness for the Jews and is also married to a pervert. Hillary has been pro-Palestinian her whole career.  She was a fan of Yasser Arafat.  Only the Jews are stupid enough to back their enemies.  They voted almost unanimously for Obama, who is one of Israel’s greatest foes. Let’s get this straight.  I am a Jew.  But I have no desire to kill myself by voting for politically correct covert Jew-haters. It always amuses me that George Bush was Israel’s greatest ally, but he received little Jewish support.  They later flocked to anti-Semitic Obama as if he was a rabbi. Obama was big on hiring Muslim Brotherhood...(Read Full Post)