What makes ISIS so effective?

Many AT readers will remember the terrific 1967 World War II movie The Dirty Dozen starring Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Jim Brown, Robert Ryan, and a number of instantly recognizable faces. The plot is that Lee Marvin, a major, is commissioned to put together a secret team to blow up a recreation chateau in France for high-ranking German officers.  After various adventures, the secret squad is successful in crossing France and, at the climactic moment, blowing the chateau to smithereens. Why is this relevant?  These were soldiers on a clandestine mission to kill the enemy.  These soldiers are heroes.  While they have personal problems that are part of the drama, they are not insane, and they are not driven by unknowable motives.  They are soldiers playing their part in the victory to be achieved by their country, the United States of America. So also with the bombers in Brussels Tuesday.  They are loyal to the commission of Mohammed in the Koran...(Read Full Post)