What Bryan Pagliano will sing about

Move over, John Dean.  You have some competition on the way to becoming the most famous witness against a powerful politician, aka a “rat.”  Bryan Pagliano has been given immunity from prosecution in order to overcome his invocation of Fifth Amendment's protections against self-incrimination for his work on Hillary Clinton’s email server.  But just what does he have to say? Jed Babbin makes some very knowledgeable guesses in the American Spectator: Pagliano must have had direction from Clinton — and her top staffers — to set the email system up the way he did. Because he was paid by Clinton — in addition to his State Department salary — he had to be suspicious of the whole matter. He may be able to testify that Clinton told him she wanted a system that would enable her to use it for all her government emails. He would have had to have known that a substantial portion of them had to, going forward, contain classified...(Read Full Post)