We’ve seen this movie before

Every presidential cycle, the mainstream media select our candidate for us. Dole was the sane candidate, superior to the crazies.  McCain was the “maverick,” whose adoration was sung by all the liberals.  Romney was the class of the field, otherwise dominated by ideological purists. Led by The New York Times, we conservative Republicans are corralled each contest into the “Good Republican” cattle pen, lest we nominate a dreaded conservative, choosing the “good” Republican nominee whom the MSM leave unscathed while they decimate the true conservatives, sliming them with all the invective and rumor they can throw onto the wall.  Whether any actually sticks is irrelevant.  And to the scribe or TV pundit who succeeds in taking a conservative’s scalp, that man or woman does not buy his own drink in any establishment for a decade or more, and every Georgetown soirée extends its invitation. To hear retell of the deed...(Read Full Post)