Trump's path forward is clearing

The Super Tuesday results confirmed what was evident in the polls by late Sunday, and what was crystal-clear by Monday evening: the Trump train is unstoppable, and the GOP nomination is his. That is, unless the hysterical scorched-earth policy underway by some Republican factions – best exemplified by almost everything written at National Review over the past few days – results in some gamesmanship in Cleveland during July.  This, if it occurs, would ensure an easy general election win for Hillary Clinton – whose performance yesterday also assured her of her party's nomination – and forever doom the credibility of the Republican Party. Trump took 7 of the 11 states on Super Tuesday and so far has won 10 of 15.  The only real surprise of the night was in Oklahoma.  Polling data was consistently predicting a Trump victory.  In the past week, all three polls had Trump out front by nearly double digits, with Rubio in second on two of...(Read Full Post)